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Deb Harrell, ND

PO Box 330381
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233-0381
United States
Type of Practitioner: 

Are you sick & tired of feeling sick & tired? Have you been told that you need medicine for the rest of your life for a specific dis-ease? Would you like to reclaim your health & vitality in a completely natural way? Have you been told that everything is fine but you know deep down that it is not fine? Let me assure you that there is hope! You can get your body back to being able to heal itself the way it is designed. Often it's simply a few "tweaks" in your lifestyle that will get you back on the right track. We live in a world of increasing toxic load - from our nutrition to environment to stress factors and more.
I offer a bio-communication scan that identifies the stressors in each area of your life. Once equipped with this knowledge of your challenged areas, in conjunction with your symptoms & history, I can then guide you to make lifestyle changes that will support your body in healing. You can feel good again & have energy to do the things you want to do.
I have struggled with my own health challenges & know how dis-ease can impact your world. I have real world experience helping people heal their bodies using food as medicine & other holistic means. The reality is that your body is the only thing that heals itself. If you are willing to accept personal responsibility, I can help! There is hope!



Carol Watson


I have known Dr. Deb for just over 20 years now. A mutual friend suggested I contact her as the health expert in our area. I am SO glad I did. She immediately welcomed me into a natural health environment and invited me to attend some raw food classes she held. From there I learned more and more about our bodies innate ability to self-heal if we give them the proper fuel to thrive! My health just continued to improve over time and she was the catalyst for my transformation. Deb is fun, creative, passionate, an excellent teacher and "walks the talk." She made such an impact on my life that we have become very good friends! I am forever grateful for her mentorship and friendship!

Cody Yelton


I can't recommend Dr. Deb highly enough! With her extensive knowledge, experience, and genuine caring, she is such a great resource for health information. She is my go-to resource for all my health questions!

Isabel Rodriguez


Debbie has been instrumental in my life for the past 20 years. As a friend and well versed Naturopatic Doctor shes counseled and assisted my during various health issues during the past 20 years. Since December, 2015 after confronting some cardiac issues, I've gone Vegan from the encouragement & support of Debbie. She's advised on the right foods, alternative medicines, etc. She's a wonderful person and has a heart of teaching & knowledge!

Nancy J Nusz


I have been seeing Dr. Deb Harrell as a Naturopath since she started practice and have nothing but rave reviews for her medical knowledge, sensitivity to patient needs, and ability to advise on each individual health issue. She found that I had low functioning thyroid before my regular western medicine doctor knew. As a matter of fact, I asked my western doctor to test me after Dr. Deb told me that that was my problem. She has also helped me with acid reflux, insomnia, and a variety of dietary issues. I highly recommend her for all health and dietary problems that people may have. She is really the best!

Angela Kirtley


Dr. Deb is very knowledgeable about plant based nutrition. She is passionate about using food for complete wellness. I have learned so much from Dr. Deb and have been passionate about nutrition myself for a long time.

Jim Brantley


If you have a health issue, or you just want to be healthier, then you should contact someone who lives to help others, and knows her business like few others, and that is Deb Harrell, ND.



Dr. Deb is very passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and health. She is a great professional and person who cares and inspires people.

Erica Castano


I have been blessed to know and work with Dr. Deb for several years. I am inspired by Dr. Deb's passion for her chosen path and lifestyle. Dr. Deb has the unique quality of being able to teach in a way that is easily understood and applicable. I feel that is what draws me to Dr. Deb's practice. Because I can hear what is said, understand and apply the teachings and see and feel healthier results from my learned choices that I believe everyone should meet Dr. Deb at least once and see if your ready for the healthy change she can help you create. And, she just cares about each person she connects with and when you encounter a heart like hers you gain nothing but good even in unexpected areas.

Mary Mack


I have just met Dr. Deb recently. She has helped me immensely with health, well-being & life goals! Her retreats are amazing & she will shine radiance & vibrancy into your life!

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